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How to Play Spaceman on VOdds

Spaceman is like a new version of the famous Crash game. The main character of the game is a funny Spaceman, who leads you on a joyful trip through space and a lively galaxy. Your goal is to help him soar to greater heights for bigger prizes. 

How to Play Spaceman

You can access Spaceman game on VOdds via Pragmatic Play. Register now and play online games like Spaceman and other live casino, slots & games, virtual sports, and sports betting.

To further understand Spaceman, let’s explore its features, discover how to access it, and learn the mechanics of playing this cool game.


Overview of the game

Spaceman is an exciting crash-style game that uses advanced technology to provide players with the best gaming experience. The visuals of this game have quality content and sound mixing that delivers a top-notch online gaming experience.

As you start playing, a friendly spaceman or astronaut welcomes you into an environment filled with planets, stars, and falling asteroids. 


Like Crash games, Spaceman is multiplayer where players can see what others are doing. The biggest win you can get is 5000 times your bet!

How to play Spaceman?

Step 1: Place and confirm your bet – Similar to other slots & games, you initiate a round by placing a bet. Select a new bet, repeat the last one, double it, or enable autoplay.

Step 2: Collect your winnings – To collect your winnings, you must observe the astronaut because he starts at the 1.00x point and increases slowly. The multiplier also increases. As the flight progresses, the multiplier becomes larger. 

Eventually, spaceman crashes at the end of the game round. If you have yet to collect any winnings by then, you lose.

Step 3: Click cashout and get your winnings – When you’re happy with how much you’ve won or think the astronaut will crash, just press the ‘Cashout’ button to get your winnings. The other way is to use auto cashout to set a multiplier in advance to stick with your strategy.

However, you can take half your winnings and keep playing with the other half. This can help you use excellent strategies in the game.

What are the best features of Spaceman?

  • It has a multiplayer mode.
  • It has a “50% Cashout” option to secure half your winnings and risk the rest for higher rewards.
  • Return To Player (RTP) is 95.50%
  • Great graphics and sounds
  • Available 24/7
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Powered by HTML5
  • Accessible on both desktop and mobile versions. 

Tips to win in Spaceman:

  • Be familiar with the game
  • Manage your risk
  • Enjoy small wins
  • Use the 50% cashout feature to secure half of your winnings 

Best strategies for playing Spaceman:

  • Place a larger bet when the multiplier is at a lower value.
  • Place a smaller bet when the multiplier is on the higher side.
  • Use the autoplay function for a more hands-free gaming experience.
  • Practice timely cash-outs, especially within the range of 1x – 1.5x or at a maximum of 2x, to secure profits efficiently.

How to access Spaceman via VOdds?

Login to VOdds – You must log in to your VOdds account to access online games from Pragmatic Play like Spaceman.

Click the sign-in or register button on the top right corner of the website’s dashboard. Fill in the required information to create your VOdds account.

Click the Slots & Games icon – You can access and play Spaceman by navigating to your VOdds’ dashboard and searching for the “Slots & Games” icon. Click that icon and choose Spaceman to start playing. You don’t need to transfer websites and wallets if you use VOdds to play.

Overall, playing Spaceman is an excellent choice to win big. Register now to access various online casino games like and a wide range of sports betting activities. Grab the opportunity to elevate your gaming experience and discover the excitement that awaits you!