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Soccer Winning Tips: How to Use Bet Statistics
Charles Mendoza | Mar 02 2023

Football is one of the immensely loved sports out there. And those who have been in the sports betting industry know all about the importance of bet statistics in soccer predictions. These make betting experiences more fun and profitable for the punters. 

But any sport can be affected by random and unexpected things. Like how the bounce of the ball could determine the differences between wins and losses.

But not everything is unpredictable. With statistics, you can predict outcomes that are likely to occur with good betting value. So get soccer-winning tips and start betting by getting your own betting account. Register today!

How do you use bet statistics for your soccer predictions?

  1. Focus on what you want to predict.

Don’t try to predict everything that might happen, such as the match’s result or whether both teams will score. You need to focus on one aspect of the game to achieve better results. You can bet on who will score, for instance, or how many shots a particular player can make. You need to choose a niche market and then use your bet statistics to make informed predictions.

  1. Strengthen your betting methods

This is because it is through betting statistics and data that you can make accurate soccer predictions. You can’t solely rely on your intuition or luck because it’s in the data where you can see patterns and trends. It will help you create a betting model that can be used to test and adjust your predictions. You have head-to-head results or the expected goals metric among others that you can use in soccer analytics and betting.

  1. Find undervalued bets

You don’t have to predict football matches correctly every time. You just need to be more accurate than that the public and the bookmakers. Whenever you make football predictions for today’s soccer matches, you should compare them with the odds that bookmakers offer. If you have an estimated probability higher than the bookmaker’s, you found an edge. You can stake based on your edge.

How do you gather your Statistical Data?

There are many ways and avenues to go about gathering your stats. To start with, you can search for websites and blogs to find detailed information on football. But be careful when looking for accurate football betting prediction sites. Most of them simply state their predictions without data to explain their forecasts. 

Don’t forget to do your own analysis and don’t simply rely on these prediction websites. You can use the Probability Distribution to see how likely that different outcomes will happen.  Whenever you get new data, you can use the Bayesian analysis method to compare it to your original hypotheses.

You can also use Poisson distribution. It’s a mathematical concession discept commonly used for low-scoring sports like soccer to translate mean averages into probabilities for variable outcomes within specific distributions. 

Another commonly used method is Regression analysis. If you can determine how one or more independent variables relate to a dependent variable, you will be able to uncover factors that contribute to the win or loss of a team that aren’t obvious to the public, or to sportsbooks.  

Even though applying statistical data has its limitations just as with most resources, the use of this is unquestionably a nice weapon to have in your armoury if you’re serious about winning.