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What is the 1X2 Betting Market?
Charles Mendoza | Feb 26 2023

Without a doubt, one of the most recognized forms of betting is the 1X2 market. It is known as three-way betting or full-time betting and is a very popular choice for a lot of punters because of its simplicity and ease of betting.

The most basic thing to know about 1X2 betting is already in the name. The name covers three different outcomes that are the usual match results of any sports game you want to bet on. Basically, 1 represents a home win, while X is for a draw, and 2 is for an away win. 

This means you only need to choose one outcome and predict whether the game will end in a home win, an away win, or a draw. The symbols also make looking at the odds and calculating your wins easy. Generally, the odds will be available in this format: home, draw, and away.

You can see this type of wagering in most sportsbooks and trading platforms, making it one of the most profitable sports betting markets. That is why you should know its rules so you can always place good bets and win big profits. Learn more about what is a 1×2 bet and its different types in this article.

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1X2 Bet Types You Should Know

Beginner bettors are commonly familiar with 1X2 Full-time betting, or simply 1X2 three-way betting. But bookmakers and betting sites offer other forms of betting for this market. Here are the most popular 1X2 bets that you should know about.

  • 1X2 First Half. 

To make betting more fun and productive, you can bet on the First Half 1X2. For this, you are betting on which team has the lead in the first half of the game. This will shorten the waiting time as you will only have to wait until the halfway point of the game to know if you have won your bet. 

Although your bet can be voided in case the game is cancelled or abandoned before the first half of the game end. 

  • 1X2 Second Half. 

If you want the outcome to be conclusive, then choose the 1X2 Second Half market. This is also the best option if your chosen team or both of them are slow starters or perform better in the second half of the match. 

Just remember that this market does not include overtime. And the same with the First Half 1X2 market, your bets will be void if the game is abandoned or not finished.

  • 1X2 Handicap. 

If you are familiar with the Asian handicap market, then getting familiar with this will be quicker. Same as usual, your trading platform will consider which team is the favorite and the underdog to determine who will get the positive and negative handicap odds. 

Aside from game results, you also have to consider the number of goals each team has made. This way you can bet on the stronger team if you are sure they will win with a big gap or push for the weaker team and win your bet if you think the game will end in a draw or the underdog will only lose by 1 point.

  • 1X2 Double Chance. 

Another great aspect of the 1×2 market is that you can actually combine two of the potential outcomes by using a Double Chance market. This means you can back either the home team or the away team to win when the game finishes. 

Double-chance bets can increase your chances of winning. However, it may impact your odds and quite often not represent higher value than the other 1X2 betting types.

Sports with 1X2 Betting

As mentioned, 1X2 betting is a popular betting market. However, due to the way it is set up, it is not applicable to all sports. For the sportsbook to offer this market, the sport must have the outcomes of a draw, home win, or away win. 

Because of this system, the majority of the sports that apply the best are mostly team sports. And as expected, football is the most popular sport for 1X2 bets. Other common games with 1X2 betting are basketball, rugby, ice hockey, and cricket to name a few.

How to Compute Your Profit for a 1X2 Bet

Whatever sport you choose to wager on, the odds are calculated in the same way for all of them.

The formula is simple: Your Stake x Bookmaker’s Odds = Profit.

As you can see, the computation is the same as Moneyline bets. The only difference is you are betting on three outcomes instead of just two. Each result has its corresponding odds that are provided by your sportsbook. 

For better understanding, let us say a Tottenham vs Arsenal match has the following odds: Tottenham (home team) – 2.50, Arsenal (away team) – 1.06, and Draw – 2.60.

Based on their past head-to-head results, Arsenal has a stronger chance of winning. If you consider this and you stake £150 on the 1.06 odd and Arsenal win then you will get a total of £159. 

But if you wager on Tottenham with £150 and they win, then you won your bet with a £375 profit. However, the biggest revenue will come from a draw result, wherein you can get a total of £390.

You might be wondering if 1X2 betting is profitable considering the difference between the potential returns. It is still lucrative considering it is a famous betting market, but same with other betting types, everything will come down to the odds available and how good are you at predicting the outcome.

As demonstrated, computing your profit is helpful in determining if the match is worth betting on. With these odds, betting on the favorite will only give you a small profit. So either shop for better odds or bet on the underdog winning or the game ending in a draw for a higher return.

How to Use 1×2 for Football Betting Markets

As mentioned, this market is most commonly used in football betting because it’s pretty simple. Compared to Asian handicaps or Over/Under markets, it’s definitely the easiest one and it’s worth the effort.

Obviously, before staking any money, you will want to shop around for which bookie is offering 1X2 odds and 1X2 betting types. There are a variety of promotions from different betting sites, and certain terms and conditions to consider.

It is important to do some research on football matches, predictions, and football betting tips to arm yourself with additional information that could support your decision on who to bet on.

Being up-to-date with basic statistics like a team’s home form, away form, and how often their games result in a draw will also be useful for your betting.

You should also check things like their current form, how many goals are scored by each team, their final score at home and away games, and head-to-head historical data.

Let us take for example the Premier League: you can check for injury news, suspension information, and club drama to start. These details are also important just in case any of these may hinder your team’s chances of winning.

Live betting is also a good option. You can check how the matchup will play out before betting on the first or second half of the game. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning, then betting on teams to score requires more research and practice. In doing so, you will allow yourself to feel more comfortable about your selection while also gaining knowledge that you can use for future reference.

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