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Basketball Handicap Betting Tips
Charles Mendoza | Feb 24 2023

Basketball is one of the most popular sports for many people worldwide. Although it started in the United States, its popularity reaches different cultures and people worldwide. It ranges from different local, national, and international leagues to the most popular – NBA Championships, which feature the world’s best players. Most basketball bettors place their wagers using a point spread. 

The point spread is the most important betting line in a basketball game. Given the greater excitement that a crowded stadium can produce, the home court may significantly impact the final spread. Through this situation, you can study the flow of a basketball match and place your bet to your advantage. 

Try also to wager on the major basketball championship leagues to give you various opportunities in this sport. The NBA championship is the most preferred by many bettors because it gives them a higher probability of winning. 

With the NBA finals in full swing between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, it’s a great time to cover Asian Basketball Handicap betting.

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NBA Betting: Asian Handicap

Due to basketball being a high-scoring sport, this style of points spread wagering ties in nicely with the game, allowing you to find value in situations where the money line doesn’t.

Giving the underdog a head start or the favourite a deficit makes Asian Handicap betting a profitable option.

Before making your selections to bet on basketball games, it’s extremely important to thoroughly scrutinise and consider the factors that may influence the outcome of your wager.

Things like injuries, suspensions, current form, home and away records, issues surrounding the team, and head-to-head records should all be looked at.

It’s also important to look for additional data on the teams’ success, performance, and underlying facts that might give you an advantage.

Recording your data can be a major help because it allows you to analyse previous results for certain teams. From there, you can draw some conclusions that can be vital in the long run to win using handicap basketball betting.

Digesting studies by specialised organisations can also greatly benefit you. For example, in a recent study by Sports Insights on NBA playoff results, they uncovered since 2005, teams rated 4.5 point favourites have gone 53-24 in the playoffs.

Equipping yourself with a variety of data is a long process, but this is important if you’re serious about identifying opportunities in the Asian Handicap market for basketball betting to increase your winnings.

Using the strategies described above will give you more confidence in your bet decisions and allow you to track the improvements in your winnings.

Those methods may be highly rewarding, provided you remain patient and do your research, whether giving underdogs a head start or handicapping the favourites.

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