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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 06 Jan 2022
Anastasya | Jan 06 2022

New year means new season for sporting events in the world! And what better way to enjoy sports aside from just watching your favourite teams on TV is to participate in sports betting activities and earn extra cash!


Some popular sporting events to watch out for this 2022 are:


Australia Open (Tennis)         –     Jan 17-30

March Madness (Basketball)         –    Apr 22

Winter Olympics (Multisports)     –     Feb 4-20

SEA Games (Multisports)         –     May 12-23

French Open (Tennis)         –     May 22-June 5

UEFA Champions League Finals (Soccer) –     May 28

NBA Finals (Basketball)         –     June

Wimbledon (Tennis)             –     June 27-July 10

US Open (Tennis)            –    Aug 29-Sep 11

Asian Games (Multisports)        –    Sep 10-25

South American Games (Multisports) –    Oct 1 – 15

FIFA World Cup (Soccer)        –    Nov 21-Dec 8


There are a lot of other sports to be excited for this year but don’t bet all of your money hastily! Make sure to study betting risks and different trading strategies so you can be a smarter punter.


Following this, let’s discuss the updates on our partner bookmakers that happened during the holidays. Stay on the loop of what’s in and profitable in the betting industry by reading our sports blogs.


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Listed below are the latest updates from our betting partners:



Matchbook, Pinnacle, BETISN, Betfair, GA288, Penta 88, and Broker1 are all categorized as “no risk”. These bookmakers didn’t void bets or tag any abnormal bets from December 16, 2021 to January 6, 2022. These performance rates have been consistent for months, so it’s good news for you if you have been using them, and maybe it’s time to consider if you haven’t yet.


On a different note, SingBet (Crown) and WLG remain as “low risk” since the two have a history of voiding pre-game (SingBet) and in-running bets (SingBet and WLG). But we think it’s still worth betting on them, especially on WLG since the number of void bets has significantly decreased compared to two weeks ago, and no abnormal bets have been reported.


Lastly, SBOBET, which is still categorized as “high risk,” has exhibited an increase in void bets in the past two weeks. But there was no abnormal bet during the Christmas and New Year.


If you want to make adjustments on your preferred bookies, you can change it on your account upon logging in. To level-up your betting experience, increase your bankroll by sharing your referral code and getting €/£100 for every friend who registers using it.



Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 6 January 2022.