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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 31 Mar 2022
Anastasya | Mar 31 2022

The month of March is ending, and so does the blazing basketball season for March Madness 2022. But no worries there’s still time to join the fun, even just through your social media. Win daily prizes and a total of $200 as the grand prize by simply sharing about VOdds and NCAA tournament on your accounts.



For more risk-free bets and betting tips, remember to keep an eye out for some of the risks involved in online sportsbooks, such as abnormal and invalid bets. Bettors can lose a few good bets if the bookies think there is a problem with their wager, so weigh how much risk you are willing to take. 

Make sure you regularly review your sportsbooks’ performance and adjust your strategies as necessary. 

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Check the latest updates on sports betting risks associated with our bookies here:


Sports Trading Risk | How To Avoid Abnormal and Void Bets


If you’re a new bettor in VOdds or have a limited budget, then we recommend using Matchbook, PS3838, BETISN, Betfair, GA268, Penta88, and Broker1. These online bookmakers have had consistent risk-free performance ever since. They don’t practice classifying bets as abnormal or labeling them as void bets.


Meanwhile, if you’re more into pre-match betting, then SingBet (Crown) is the best fit for you. This bookie is known for impressive pre-match markets that are not offered anywhere else. Just take time to check your bets before the match starts as SingBet has been voiding pre-game bets before or just when the game has begun.


While this voiding is inconvenient, their pre-game events are still worth betting on. SingBet is relatively fair as they void when the outcome is still undetermined. Their void rate is low too most of the time and they voided losing bets more than winning bets in the last two weeks.


Low-risk betting for pre-game with this bookie is a good choice. Take caution though if you’re going to use it for in-running bets because, despite the lower rates, they still voided some winning bets and classified them as “Abnormal Bets”.


If you’re a bet-to-risk type and looking for some good high-risk high return bets, then you can try SBOBET and WLG. These bookies are considered “high-risk” when compared to our other partners. SBOBET has good liquidity but has a history of void bets except for pre-games in the last two weeks. While there’s a significant decrease both for pre-game and in-running bets WLG.


Now that you know the recent rates of our partner bookies, you can easily switch between the sportsbooks by changing your preferences or making a selection when placing an order ticket. Check our betting tips section to learn more about gambling risk factors you should know about and how you can avoid them.


Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 31 March 2022.