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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 17 Mar 2022
[email protected] | Mar 17 2022

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Before getting your hands busy on placing wagers, make sure that you know the risks associated with trading in bookmakers and how you can avoid things such as abnormal and invalid bets.


Read about betting risks and how to manage them based on your risk appetite.


Here are the most recent updates on our partner bookies:

As always, our top bookmaker partners Matchbook, PS3838, BETISN, Betfair, GA268, Penta 88, and Broker1 are very safe when it comes to abnormal bets since they all have no history of tagging bets as such. You can also select the bookie you want to place your bets on through ticking their boxes in your order tickets.


Another top bookmaker is Crown (Singbet), even if we consider this as “low risk” it has shown that it void more losing bets than winning bets in the last two weeks, which might be a good thing because having your bets voided or invalid means that your wagers will be returned to you.


SBOBET and WLG on the other hand are classified as “high risk” just because of their history of tagging bets as abnormal, but for the past two weeks they have both shown significant decrease on voided bets. It’s important to take note of their terms and conditions so you don’t encounter such problems in the future.


To make use of each bookmaker’s great odds and limits, you may choose them in your account’s sportsbook preferences or select the bookmakers you want to bet with when placing order tickets.


To be more familiar with the sports betting industry, exchange thoughts with fellow punters and tipsters on social media and other websites. Make your betting experience more worth it by grabbing special bonuses and offers! Check our promotions page to find out how you can earn more and enjoy free bets and extra cash!


Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 17 March 2022.