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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 17 Feb 2022
Anastasya | Feb 17 2022

What’s more fun than simply betting on your favourite sports leagues and teams? Sharing tips and predictions with others, of course! Double the excitement by posting your forecasts with other tipsters and learn from them as well.


Whether it’s for football, basketball, or tennis forecasts, you can participate VOdds free tipster competition in partnership with Expari. It’s never too late to join, simply register and start sharing to get a chance at the $1000 prize pool!


We also didn’t forget to share with you our regular blogs about abnormal bets and other different trading risks associated with some bookmakers. Calculated risks and well-researched bets are still the best choice if you want to get more winnings.

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Here are the recent updates from our partner bookmakers:

trading risk 17 feb 22_EN


Matchbook, PS3838, BETISN, Betfair, GA268, Penta 88, and Broker1 are very safe from risks as they never had a history of tagging bets as void or abnormal. Just make sure to follow their rules and regulations so that you can place bets smoothly.


SingBet (Crown) on the other hand remains in the middle as they showed an increase in voiding bets for pre-game bets and a decrease for in-running bets in the last two weeks. Good news is that they give a 0.5% cashback for all users!


WLG’s void rate has been very high for the last two weeks. Be more cautious in placing bets and check their terms and conditions to prevent invalid bets.


Meanwhile, SBOBET has shown a decrease for in-running bets but the same rate for pre-game bets.


Abnormal bets or cancellation are based on the bookmaker’s own set of rules and terms and is the responsibility of the bettor. Wagers will be returned by the bookmaker and not by VOdds trading platform.


To help manage your risks, you have the freedom on your VOdds account to select the bookmakers that you want to place your bets on. Simply go to your sportsbooks preferences and adjust it based on the risk level you’re willing to take. You may now also choose the bookies on your order tickets.


Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 17 February 2022.