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Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 16 Dec 2021
Anastasya | Dec 16 2021

If you haven’t seen it in the news yet, Stephen Curry of Golden States Warriors breaks Ray Allen’s all-time record for the most 3-pointers in the NBA! 


Steph Curry’s 2,974th 3-point record shot happened in their match against New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden last Tuesday night, 14 December 2021, making him the greatest shooter in NBA history. 


His coach, Steve Kerr, his teammates, family, fans, and even Ray Allen (former title holder) himself all cheered and went down to celebrate with him in this milestone.


Witness more basketball history being made by joining the hype and place bets on the ongoing NBA matches today on VOdds trading platform!


Steph Curry record breaker


Courtesy: Vincent Carchietta, USA TODAY


With basketball betting, or any other sports online, it is important to look out for the risks that you may encounter especially when using aggregator sites.


In this article, let’s talk about the recent updates on one of the most common betting risks – abnormal bets. Read our regular blogs for better risk management and more tips for winning bets on VOdds.


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Here are the latest updates from our partner bookmakers:


Trading risks ao 16 dec 2021


Pinnacle, Betfair, Matchbook, GA268, BETISN, Penta88, and Broker1 are all classified as “no risk” because they do not have a history of tagging bets as abnormal or voided. Maximize these bookies for your next NBA betting.


Singbet (Crown) and WLG on the other hand, are classified as “low risk” since they have a history of tagging both pre-game and in-running bets as void. However, Singbet has shown some slight decrease in their void rates in the past few weeks.


Lastly, SBOBET, still classified as “high risk” has shown an increase in tagging bets as abnormal in the past fortnight.


If you want to use these bookies, make sure to manage your sportsbook preferences by adjusting them on your account upon logging in.


Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 16 December 2021.