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How to Use Dropping Odds | Profitable Betting

Many sports bettors are trying to make good fortune using various tactics that are based on many factors. Today, we will look at the strategy called “Fast Dropping Odds” and how it works.

Many sports bettors deploy various tactics to make sure their bets have a higher chance of winning. Today, we will look at the “Fast Dropping Odds” strategy and how it works.

In this article, we will explain how to play with dropping odds and tools correctly. With VOdds, you can use this online betting strategy and find odds that are competitive for different markets. Get up to €/£ 100 when you register with us today!


Dropping Odds Meaning

Simply put, these are the odds provided by the bookmaker where the value decreases after they appear in the bookmaker’s line of events.

This is common because sportsbooks post their odds days or weeks before the game. A gradual decrease in odds indicates that they are adjusting their prices to reflect the true probability of an outcome based on context and team updates.

For example, the online bookmaker predicts the home team will lose the football match and provided 2.50 initial odds for it, but over time, the odds drop to 2.42. But if you notice a significant change like the odds suddenly dropping below 2.00 or lower (more than 20%), then you should take note of it.

Most of the time, reasons for such a sharp drop in odds are not specified. Some experts might have insider information about the initial player roster of the teams and how to work with these factors.

But one thing is for sure, there is a basis for it. And knowing why is crucial in determining how you should bet on that game.

Let’s look at the possible reasons for the drop in odds:

  • Insider Information – Bookmakers sometimes have connections to key players in a sports team, managers, and others in that environment and it really helps with real-time information. Some insider informants tell about the line-up shuffles in advance and this helps them adjust the odds they offer.
  • Valuable Bets – Sometimes, teams’ chances are misjudged by bookies. Maybe a key player gets injured on the favourite team before the game so the odds ratio drops significantly.  Professional bettors will catch this and they will weigh if the drop is reasonable. If not, they will immediately see this as an opportunity and place more stakes on their bets. 

Dropping Odds Tips and Predictions

The concept of the dropping odds strategy is easy to understand. You need to analyze market odds movements from all bookmakers so you can capitalize on these trends. You can easily find value from any bookmaker who has yet to adjust their odds to reflect current trends.

Finding dropping odds can indicate a good bet and help you win if you hit it right. For your tool, having an account from an odds aggregator like VOdds is perfect for this strategy. Odds comparison is easier if you only use one account to monitor real-time odds from different online sportsbooks.

The strategy is easier and more effective as well if you focus only on one sport and betting market. Otherwise, it is counterproductive to monitor the trends in odds in a large variety of sports. Once you have your chosen sport, learn everything about it and the teams playing in specific leagues.

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up-to-date with the latest news and trends in sports betting. This way, you can notice if there is a vital reason why the odds are dropping and react quickly when you know that there is a significant change happening. 

Knowing the teams allows you to spot any misjudged in the odds or anticipate matches where the dropping odds might occur before kickoff.

Using the dropping odds strategy during pregame markets is more profitable. Because this method involves tracking odds for a specific match over time, you will have more opportunities to monitor the odds than in live games where odds change by the second.

Plus, you are not pressed for time and can wait for the optimal moment to place a bet when the odds are most favorable. This will also give you time to account for any injuries or incidents that may occur prior to the game, especially if there is a cup or other leagues before it.

By using this method, bettors can increase their chances of winning and make more money from their bets. 

Create a betting account, track odds movement, and profit from dropping odds tips today!

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