Sports Betting: the Good and the Bad

There are tonnes of misconceptions about sports betting that will make you wonder what it’s like to be in this field. One thing is for sure though, it is not a piece of cake.

No matter how good you are at something, there will always be ups and downs. You cannot savour the sweet taste of success if you haven’t experienced what it means to fail.

This is also the reality of sports betting.

However, it’s not about how many times you failed and succeeded, but rather how you handle this rollercoaster between the inevitable ups and downs if you are to have a chance to thrive in this industry.

Now, despite the good and the bad outcomes of sports betting, there are still hundreds and thousands of people who willingly take the plunge. So, here comes the big question.

Why Do Some People “Love” to Bet?

They say that love is a strong word… but so is addiction.

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Depending on how skilled a bettor is, chances are they’ve dealt with losing at least once in their betting history. Despite that, have you ever wondered why some of them keep going even when they’ve lost so much — sometimes even more than just money?

You can find countless psychological studies all over the internet to answer this question. So, to break them all down for you, here are three major reasons why people get addicted to betting.

The Risk

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences focused on wagering as a form of risk-taking, and the “individual differences in personality, risk-accepting attitudes, and behavioural preferences for risk.”

In the study, they examined whether risk-propensity, personality traits and self-reported behaviours toward risk had any relation with a person’s involvement in betting. The result? They confirmed that betting, indeed, represents an expression of risk-taking.

Meanwhile, a study focused on betting and risk-taking behaviour among university students was published in the Journal of Substance Use & Misuse. The results of the study showed that excessive bettors are, in fact, greater risk-takers than casual or social bettors.

Regardless of winning or losing, the anticipation involved with the risk provides a high or a rush, which makes betting so entertaining and pleasurable. This, therefore, suggests that the greater the risk, the greater the rush that a person experiences — and it’s that rush that makes them want to bet.

The Escape

Now, taking risks may be a big motivator for bettors, but for some, it can become a way to escape their everyday life.


In a study from the Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, they examined the role of betting in the lives of pathological punters and how they may have used it as a coping mechanism.

After interviewing 50 respondents aged between 18 to 63 years old, they found that “to escape” was a primary contributor to why they kept on betting. They used betting as a way to “fill the void” or to “avoid problems.”

The Glamour

In a way, the feeling of an “escape” can become addicting for some people. However, for some, they’re in it for the glamour.

A study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction concentrated on the impact of betting advertisements on adolescent betting attitudes and behaviours. From there, they mentioned that childhood exposure to betting increased the chances of betting in adulthood.

In advertising the betting industry, you may have noticed that betting and betting destinations are often marketed with a stylish, “high society” image. However, in reality, this is far from the truth. Hence, glamour as a motivator, in general, is prevalent for those who wish to have instant wealth.

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The High: Winning is Heaven

While all of the motivations we mentioned a while ago sound morbid and may frighten you from starting a betting career, know that the people who become addicted have mental issues.

So, should you choose to become a professional sports bettor, you have to ensure that you’re of sound mind and doing it for the right reasons.

Now, let’s talk about heaven.

Naturally, it’s human nature to feel happy whenever you win. It brings out all kinds of positive emotions in us.

Neurological science found that our bodies release “feel-good hormones” or dopamine when we have euphoric experiences. So, when you’re winning, it can actually feel like you’re high on drugs. In fact, both drugs and betting rewire the neural circuits in our brains in similar ways.

However, the pleasure that comes from winning can greatly affect many facets of our lives for the better.

We all know that sports betting is a great form of entertainment that you can share with your friends and family.

Playing the field can also make you become more critical and analytical. Apart from this, you can meet a lot of people to do business with you which maximises your opportunities to become successful in the field. You might even be recognised as someone who won a significantly large amount of bet.

On top of that, sports betting gives you the ultimate convenience. You get to enjoy watching your favourite sports on the telly while making money.

Therefore, it all comes down to your attitude towards betting and how it contributes to your wellbeing. As long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

The Low: Losing is Hell

Just like how winning gives a sense of euphoria and indestructibility, losing can feel like a punch in the gut — or worse, it can feel like the world is ending.

The emotional impact you get from losing bets is definitely the worst thing you can experience in sports betting. A bad streak can take a toll on your health and your bankroll. It can also feel like the losses you might have encountered in the sports betting movies you watched do not do justice to the hell you’re feeling from losing.

losing is hell

Although, there are instances when even losing will not make you want to stop betting forever.

Therefore, losing can also lead to addiction. Let’s say you wagered a massive amount on a match you had no doubt would win, but you lost. You tell yourself it’s just bad luck and you try betting again on another one, hoping it would somehow recover what you’ve lost.

This instance will make you want to bet and bet and bet so you invest more money and time into it but in reality, you just continue adding up to your losses. It would be an excruciatingly painful cycle for you, and when you reach this point, it’s a sign that your betting addiction is already taking over.

With that said, losing is hell. There’s no doubt about that. Though as we said, how you react to the inevitability of the highs and lows of betting is what determines your success and its influence in your life.

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How Do You Know It’s Time to Stop?

If there’s anyone famous for sports betting, it’s Michael Jordan. However, even a legendary athlete such as himself didn’t grant him immunity from having a losing streak.

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Jordan suffered a massive losing streak that it came down to him, owing a friend 1.25 million USD (roughly 1 million GBP). On top of that, he was evasive when he was asked to pay up. Although eventually, he negotiated to pay 300,000 USD in instalments. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there, news broke in 1992 that Jordan wrote a check for 57,000 USD to clear his gambling losses.

So, how do you not suffer the same losses as Michael Jordan?

The best way to prevent addiction is to know when to stop. In order to know when to stop, you have to be self-aware if you’re manifesting any signs of pathological betting. With that, here are some of the things that you need to be on the lookout for:

You’re starting to lie about it to your friends, family, and especially to your wife/husband You’re having arguments with your loved ones about your betting You start to chase your losses or trying to win back what you’ve lost, claiming to stop once you win You’re borrowing money for betting You’re betting to forget problems or to relieve stress You become irritable, agitated, or impatient whenever you don’t bet You’ve tried to stop betting but failed You wager money you don’t have You’re thinking of other ways to find the money for betting Your “trading” is starting to interfere with your everyday life You’re always thinking about betting You need to choose bigger stakes to feel the buzz

If you notice that you have at least two of the signs that we mentioned above, then you probably need to pause and rethink your situation. Should you feel like it’s starting to become a problem, GamCare can help you overcome your dilemma.

Call their number 0808 8020 133, from 8 AM to Midnight in all the days of the week. You can also visit their website for more information.

How to Stop When It Gets Destructive?

If you’re hesitant about calling for help, there’s always the option of helping yourself.

You can find many sports betting articles on the internet that will make you want to start a career in betting after learning how easy it can be. But when it starts to have adverse effects on your life, no one tells you how to stop.

get help

Fret not! We got you. Here are some ways that could help you get back on track.

  1. Admit you have a problem. No, it wouldn’t be a shame to admit that. Aside from admitting being the first step, the most important step to recovery is found in the strength of acknowledging that there’s something wrong.
  2. Reflect. Think about all the instances that led you to your destruction. It may be painful, but revisiting these stuff will make you aware of where you went wrong. You need to take a break to reflect and assess the situation. You can write it down if it can help you analyse more.
  3. Confide. Though it can be worrisome, one of the mistakes you can do on your road to recovery might be bottling everything in. Confiding in someone you trust about your situation can lessen the heaviness of your suffering. They might also be able to find ways of helping you recover.
  4. Block all your access to betting. Pathological bettors often experience withdrawal when they try to stop so this step can be difficult to overcome as it might cause you to feel agitated and irritable. It’s hard, but it can certainly be done.
  5. Look up others who successfully stopped. It might feel like the world is ending and all hope is lost. But instead of focusing on the negativity of the situation, look up other people who successfully overcame this addiction and focus on that.

It’s difficult to break a cycle or stop a routine, especially when your life revolved in it for a long time. However, it’s definitely not impossible. Just keep telling yourself that you’re not the only person in the world who’s suffering through this and like the others, it is completely possible for you to free yourself from destruction.

Take a Break, Reflect and Start Again

Sports betting — or any type of betting — has its ups and downs. So, you have to be prepared both mentally and emotionally if you want to become a professional sports bettor.

If you already are a professional and you’re suffering a losing streak, don’t let it get to you. All you have to do is take a break, reflect on your losses and don’t hesitate to start again with a new betting strategy.

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Academic Sources:


Pirlo’s Juventus struggling to hit their straps

When Juventus made the tough call to sack Maurizio Sarro after winning the club’s ninth straight Serie A title, they opted to boldly replace him with former star player Andrea Pirlo.

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Despite having no previous coaching experience at the professional level, the decision was certainly an eye opener, but understandable given his successful career as a player with the Old Lady.

Currently sitting third in Serie A and having lost their Champions League Round of 16 first leg against FC Porto 2-1, the pressure is building on their rookie manager. Although he’s shown some signs of being a shrewd tactician, Juventus have struggled to consistently get results, as they’ve lacked fluidity and cohesion on many occasions.

Courtesy of Wiki

The fact they’ve only managed to draw winnable games against Benevento, Crotone and Verona (twice), plus lost to Fiorentina, has cost them dearly in the league. As things stand, they currently sit seven points behind table topping Inter Milan, which is definitely not a position they’re accustomed to finding themselves in.

Only sixth best in Serie A in terms of goals scored, they haven’t been able to frequently carve out quality chances, as they’ve too often relied on Cristiano Ronaldo, Alvaro Morata and Federico Chiesa saving them with moments of magic. Ronaldo especially has been their saving grace, for the legendary attacker’s already scored a wicked 19 goals in the league and 26 in all competitions.

Sorely lacking creativity in midfield, this has been an area that they will want to improve in moving forward so they can enhance the amount of goalscoring opportunity they conjure.

Although they’ve underwhelmed offensively, plenty of upside has been found on the defensive end, with them possessing the best defensive record in Serie A, only conceding 20 goals in 21 matches. Full of quality in their stopping ranks, the likes of Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs De Ligt, Merih Demiral, Giorgio Chiellini, Danilo and Alex Sandro have given them depth and experience to handle most opponents well.

With things not going to plan under the guidance of Pirlo so far and injuries playing their part, it’ll be intriguing to track their progress through what looms as a crucial final third of the season.

Only time will tell how they fare, but with a squad boasting so much quality expectations will be high that he can get them firimg on all cylinders sooner rather than later – which is definitely easier said than done.

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Aussie Miller rated a dark horse for the MotoGP crown

Fresh from finishing seventh in last season’s MotoGP Championship, Australian rider Jack Miller, who finished second in the final two races of last season, will come into this campaign full of confidence.

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Courtesy of impressing over his three years with Satellite Ducati team Pramac, Miller earned himself a ride in the works Ducati works team.

In what’s set to be a fierce and tight title race, if he can avoid any non finishes and keep consistently picking up points, he’ll give himself an excellent chance of winning. Indeed, the case of last year’s champion Joan Mir illustrated this perfectly, for the Spaniard won his only race of the season in the second last round at Valencia.

Courtesy of Wiki Comms

Miller, who finished on the podium four times in what was his best season yet in MotoGP, is certainly highly rated by his fellow competitors too, who see him as a real threat. When Maverick Vinales was recently asked who he believes was the strongest challenger for this year’s championship, he stated Miller. “I think Miller can be one of the guys because he was doing really well last season and understands well the strong points of the Ducati,” he explained.

Priced at a reasonable 7.00 just behind Marc Marquez and Joan Mir, and level with the likes of Vinales, Alex Rins and Fabio Quartararo, he’s certainly considered a contender by the bookies.

Interestingly, the last time a Ducati rider won the title was 14 years ago when fellow Aussie Casey Stoner claimed glory, which could be a good omen. Even though the correlation is nice, Miller’s just focused on the task at hand. “For me, a big motivation was growing up watching guys like Troy and Casey ride in these colours,” he asserted.

“That’s why I think it means something extra-special for me as it’s something I grew up idolising. Pressure is what you put on yourself, I think I’m my own biggest critic. I put enough pressure on myself as is, I don’t need to go looking to try and find it.

“I don’t think it gives me any extra pressure. Those guys were and still are fantastic motorcycle riders and I’m just trying to be the best I can be, but for sure you want to arrive on those guys’ level. But only time will tell.”

Motivated, on an improved bike and ready for a title tilt, watching how Miller fares will be captivating, as he’s unquestionably in with a chance to take home the coveted MotoGP crown in 2021.

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Utah Jaxx flying high in the NBA

Utah Jazz flying high in the NBA

Having devastatingly lost their game seven playoff clash with the Denver Nuggets to end last season when Mike Conley’s shot bounced out, the Utah Jazz have quickly put this setback behind them, for they’ve started this term in exceptional fashion.

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Currently possessing the best record in the Western Conference, they’ve impressively won 21 of their 26 matches. “I really feel like we came back this year with a purpose,” Utah center Rudy Gobert said. “I really feel like we have a chip on our shoulder, and we need that if we are going to do what we want to do this year.”

Equalling their best start to a season in franchise history, the team that has won 17 of their last 18 games have risen in the championship winning odds to $16, which places them as sixth favourite.

Courtesy of Pixy

Possessing a brilliant team spirit and collective cohesion, coach Quin Snyder deserves immense credit for bringing together the team. Thriving and seemingly going from strength to strength with every passing match, the fact they rank in the top five for both defensive and offensive efficiency, plus rank first for three point shooting, illustrates how brilliant they’ve been.

With star man Donovan Mitchell leading the way offensively and Gobert, who’s arguably the best defensive player in the league, crucial on the defensive end, these men have helped give them a fine base to work from. Ably supported by the likes of the experienced Conley, towering Croatian Bojan Bogdanovic, sharp shooter Joe Ingles, sixth man weapon Jordan Clarkson and the improved Royce O’Neale, the Jazz have certainly hit their straps with valuable contributions all over.

While they’ve started the season impeccably, it’ll be fascinating to see if they can keep up their tremendous level. Considering the Jazz are facing the Milwaukee Bucks, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers in the next two weeks, this will give us a better idea of how they stack up.

Having not made the NBA finals for 23 years or qualified for the Western Conference finals since 2007, this could well be the year they make a serious playoff run, which would certainly be the best remedy to treat the disappointment from last season.

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Palmeiras Edge Santos in tense copa libertadores final

Palmeiras edge Santos in tense Copa Libertadores final

This year’s Copa Libertadores final was sealed in dramatic fashion, as super sub Breno Lopes rose remarkably to power his header home in the 98th minute to secure the title for Palmeiras.

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In what was an interesting tactical battle but a game that ultimately failed to live up to the hype, Palmeiras eventually got the job done.

Priced at $1.80 to win and with Santos at $3.40, Abel Ferreira, who only took over the managerial position at Palmeiras a few months ago, was absolutely delighted afterwards. “Honestly, the word that crosses my mind is ‘thank you’. First of all, I want to thank everyone I coached and, especially and lovingly, the Palmeiras players. There are no good coaches without good players,” the Palmeiras coach explained.

“I also want to say that this journey started with mister Vanderlei Luxemburgo and he has a job done in this competition. Whatever happens, we will stay in history. We recorded and achieved eternal glory, because it is something very powerful.”

Seeing as Palmeiras hadn’t won the Copa Libertadores since 1999, Ferreira entirely vindicated the club’s decision to bring him in, as he incredibly repeated the feat of his countryman, Jorge Jesus, who won the title with Flamengo last time around. “I arrived in Brazil without knowing anyone. I realised that it is a very difficult championship. If you don’t win two or three games, they want you to leave. It is the only championship that has six or seven candidates for the title. In Portugal there are few, Germany few. France is always the same. Spain is always the same,” he noted on the difficulties associated with the role.

Courtesy of Wiki

Boasting an excellent squad full of quality, he picked a team with a nice blend of youth and experience for the big game. Picking a back four of Marcos Rocha, Luan, Gustavo Gomez and Matias Vina, who were ably supported by Weverton in goal, the backline performed wonderfully to limit Santos’ dangerous frontline of Marinho, Yeferson Soteldo and Kaio Jorge.

Then in midfield Danilo and Ze Rafael were the deepest midfielders, as Raphael Veiga was positioned further upfield. Rony and Gabriel Menino were then the wingers, who had quite a decent amount of freedom, while Luiz Adriano played upfront.

Despite only producing seven shots and just one on target, they scored the one that mattered, as the match was full of tough tackles, tension and stoppages. The fact the match was held in the searing heat of Brazil’s summer at 5pm to make it friendly for European TV viewers played its part in the game not being as entertaining too.

Broadcasted in a staggering 191 countries across the globe, this year’s Copa Libertadores final didn’t end up being the spectacle many hoped. But Ferreira and his Palmeiras players won’t care one bit, as they can now celebrate their triumph before turning their attention to winning the Copa da Brasil final in March, which would cap off an amazing campaign from the Verdao perfectly.

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