What is Nascar Betting?

What is NASCAR Betting?


When it comes to high-speed sport, you are probably thinking of car racing, specifically NASCAR. This is known as the premier stock car racing series in the world and has been keeping many fans and punters at the edge of their seats. For those that want the action and excitement, NASCAR betting is the type that can give them the rush that they want, especially if you can experience it through a 24/7 live betting platform. With the right bets, punters can make some serious cash. 


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What is NASCAR?

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR is among the top-tier auto racing series. Examples of its popular series include the Xfinity Series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. 

In the Cup series, NASCAR drivers are given points depending on where they finish and the number of laps they are in the lead. Moreover, the NASCAR schedule has two parts. The first one consists of 26 races and the second will be the Chase, which is a series of 10 races that determine the champion. The top 16 drivers of the first part will be the ones participating in the Chase.  


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In NASCAR betting, you can bet on not just who is going to win the race. When it comes to sports gambling for NASCAR, many online sportsbooks offer a variety of options for the bettor. Here are some of the best bets that can help you get more profitable opportunities in NASCAR betting.

Types of NASCAR Betting  

1) To Win Outright

This is probably the most common and one you are familiar with. The “win outright” bet is when you wager on who will win a race. You’ll pick your driver, and if he finishes in first place, you’ll have made a successful bet. You can also bet on multiple drivers to win, and if one of them takes the checkered flag, you’ll still win your bet. 

2) Pole Position

This NASCAR betting involves your knowledge of who is the fastest driver if the race track is empty. With the pole position bet, you can wager on the driver that will have the fastest qualifying time. So, make sure to choose the right driver to win the bet.

3) Fastest Lap Time

From its name, the bet is self-explanatory. This involves wagering on which driver will have the single fastest lap from a given race. The “fastest lap time” bet is also independent of the outcome of the race, which means that regardless of who will win the race in the end, as long as your chosen driver has the single fastest lap, you’ll win your bet.

4) Podium Finish

Have you ever made a prediction that you are unsure of in NASCAR betting? Well, the podium finish is the right choice for you. This is the type of bet wherein the driver you choose only needs to finish in the top three so that you’ll win the bet. So, your pick does not have to win the race as long as he is in the top three positions.

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