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In-Play Asian Handicap Explained
Alyssa | Mar 07 2023

Asian handicap betting is a form of sports betting popular worldwide and originated in Asia. It provides an alternative way to bet on soccer tournaments that can be more appealing to some bettors. In traditional soccer betting, you must pick the winner or loser of a match, which can be difficult if the two teams have the same potential. With Asian handicap betting, you can do more.

This can make the betting experience more exciting, as the outcome of the bet is not dependent on the match’s final score but rather on whether the team you bet on can cover the handicap. 

Asian handicap allows betting on a “push” or a tie, which can be attractive to bettors who are uncertain about the outcome of a match.

It makes it popular because it allows bettors to choose between two options instead of picking a winner or loser outright.

And one type of it is the In-Play Asian Handicap. Check out how it works and how to place bets on this betting type and see why it’s worth exploring.

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How does In Play Asian Handicap work?

This betting market works similarly to Asian handicaps, money line bets, and 1×2 market betting. The only difference is you’re betting while your chosen game is happening in real-time. You can use the In-Play Asian Handicap for all football, basketball, and tennis matches, but it is mostly used in the football market. See how Asian handicap football is explained and learn a few professional betting tips.

We recommend betting on pre-match Asian handicaps first to gain success on these sports betting odds. As you gain experience in this form of betting, you’ll constantly improve your ability to spot trends and patterns that develop during games that can aid in your picks. When noticing these, you must also keep a keen eye on the prices to see if they then recognise the value.

How to bet using In-Play Asian Handicap?

Betting live allows you to place your bets while a match is still being played. If you are adept at spotting trends, quick to identify specific patterns and combine them with thorough research, you could profit quite handsomely in this market.

With prices fluctuating throughout matches, it’s quite a task to understand Asian handicap odds and recognise when to place your football bets. Make sure you have mastered the table below.

A key tip is to watch the matches closely so you can gauge who you will give 0.5 handicaps, 1.25 handicap,-0.25 Asian handicap, -1.5 handicap, and so on. You’ll have a real-time direction of whoever is getting the upper hand and who’s dropping off.

You must research to increase your chances of winning and feel at ease with your selections. This can either firm up your selection or steer you away from a potential loss.

This will also show how specific teams can come back or hold onto a lead. In addition, you can see when a particular team scores most of their goals and if they are strong finishers, good starters and everything in between

Analyzing more general numbers, like how many goals the specific teams you’re looking at concede and score per game, is also beneficial. Moreover, studying how assertive they are at creating chances to kick a goal will serve you well too.

Aside from making the most of your knowledge of the sport you’re betting on, using statistics is a great tool for you, which can give you an edge. Take football, for example, and some data can give you an idea of vital metrics such as:

  • How many goals does your chosen team score and concede per game?
  • At what stage of the match do they score most of their goals (first or second half)?
  • Do they tend to score late goals?
  • How many total goals are typically scored in their matches? 

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